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Just home from a lovely day in Chichester with a friend. We caught the number 7 bus from north Sompting to Lancing station this morning.

I paid £3.70 return ticket, thinking my feet will be on fire when we return after our day out. A return will be needed.

We had a very nice day, prompt train journey, bit of retail therapy, good value and service for lunch, prompt train trip home.

Followed by seeing the rear end of the number 7 bus disappear up the road as the train pulled into Lancing Station! Decision time! Walk home? I don’t think so, stand and wait an hour? No, I don’t think so! I thought I would pay a further £1.60 and get the pulse round to Cokeham Road then walk up Busticle, over the A27 toward home.

Thank you, Stagecoach, for the appalling service you run on this route. You made £5.60 out of me today, so much for my return ticket!

At least have the decency to ensure the limited service you run at least coincides with the train schedule. Having the bus leave two minutes after the train arrives is disgusting for us, the public! Unless you’re Mo Farah, you haven’t a hope in hell of catching it! I shall now go and cool my feet...along with my temper, rant over!

Barbara Locke

Meadowview Road,


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