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Your letters

Sir, I am prompted to write after the letter by Jane Sparkes of January 22.

I am not against the Bohunt School in Worthing but having studied the West Sussex County Council highways report provided for the planning committees of borough and county councils, I am surprised it was passed by either of them.

The report states: ‘There are actions that will lead to problems as the school develops.

‘This school will be situated within a very busy major commuter link into Worthing and the school does not recognise the impact it will have at this location.

‘There is also concern over the proposed puffin crossing and the volume of pupils using it and potential build-up of traffic towards the traffic lights at Carnegie Road/Sompting Avenue junction and concerns over possible jumping of lights and ‘U’ turns at adjacent junction of Queens Street/ Georgia Avenue.’

My concerns for the safety of the pupils and residents alike prompt me to suggest the county council and borough council need to hold urgent talks with Bohunt and Worthing Rugby Club and the owners of land on the edge of Worthing to the north west of Goring Station.

It would be a worthy location for a first-class school with benefits for the Rugby Club where the school and club house could be built close to the eastern side of the gap with playing fields next to the built-up area to the south side of the railway line.

A joint large car park would accommodate the school; for safe dropping off/collection and the rugby club for spectators and the joint use of pitches and facilities would be of benefit to both.

Better than a gap full of houses which is quite likely as a relaxation of planning regulations is being considered.

Bohunt could build some temporary classrooms on the Broadwater site while planning and building the permanent new school at Goring.

Peter Green

Orchard Avenue


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