Grass verges are least of worries

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Your letters

I read Ray Jones’ letter (Herald, July 31) and I must agree with him about the general shabby state of the whole town and that, sadly, the grass verges are the least of the problem.

The entertainment venues are so hopelessly out of date and do not provide good viewing experiences, with seating mostly on one level and, as for the Assembly Hall, words fail me and we just do not consider going there at all, having experienced it once.

The town so badly needs an up-to-date cinema, although there seems to have been no progress in achieving one over the past ten years, and isn’t likely while the Teville Gate saga still continues!

I totally agree that a few decent coffee shops/restaurants are needed by the beach and that the bowling alley, and the eyesore that is the concrete car park need replacing, but fear none of it

is likely to happen anytime soon, if ever.

I have recently heard that the planned paving scheme for Montague Place/Street is to include Portland Road, which is also to be pedestrianised, and that is an excellent idea.

What is sad is that Worthing does have lots of interesting architecture and opportunities that could turn the town into a real different and more appealing place for residents and visitors alike.

The pier, for one, which now has the refurbished southern pavilion at the end, is very pleasant. A bandstand in the town has been suggested recently, too, with bands volunteering to play, and that would be another excellent idea.

I keep reading that Worthing is the largest town in West Sussex and should, therefore, do everything it can to improve and provide facilities suitable for its status, which it just does not do at the moment.

Linda Hanlan

Herm Road,


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