Grim prediction

Now that we are being asked for our views on Adur’s 2013 Local Plan, much discussion will probably focus on the relative use of brownfield versus greenfield sites for future housing developments.

But the apparent consultation with residents will be a complete smoke-and-mirrors affair because the basic flaw in the proposed plan will be overlooked, namely the absurd notion that Adur’s housing needs can be projected for the next 15 years. Where on earth do the projected population figures come from? Despite frequent requests for information, the UK government can’t (or won’t) even tell us how many Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants will begin to arrive on our shores after January 1, 2014!

Putting aside for the moment the tremendous problems inherent in Adur’s proposed plan, e.g., the catastrophic effects of building so much housing on the flood plain in Lancing, the huge impact of so many dwellings on traffic congestion, the dire consequences to already poor shopping facilities in Lancing when the proposed 600 houses will equate to possibly 3,000 new residents, the fact that the proposed 140 dwellings per year completely ignores the housing needs of the whole Widewater ward, the infrastructure required regarding schools, medical resources, etc.

Putting aside all these problems, one must ask the basic question – where do the proposed housing needs in our locality come from?

The UK Government’s statisticians have used computer models to project the UK population for the years 2013 to 2031, i.e., 15 years ! Considering the incompetent and completely inadequate Government predictions of immigration from EU and non-EU countries over the last decade, are we expected to believe what we’re told of housing needs nationally and therefore locally? They cannot even tell us how many immigrants to expect in four months’ time, let alone for the next 15 years!

Yet it is such nebulous predictions that are the basis for Adur’s Local Study Plan. Needless to say, whatever results come from the current ‘consultation’, you can be sure from past experience that Lancing will bear the brunt of solving Adur District’s problems.

Dr Sid Hilsum

Monks Avenue, Lancing

Lancing parish councillor for Churchill ward