Gulls by the sea

Regarding the letter from Mrs Kay Abbott (Herald, September 9), some of her comments sound like something from a Hitchcock film.

If you live by the sea, as I do, then you expect to hear and see gulls as they go about doing what gulls do, and I would not want to be without them. I have them feeding off of the bird table daily throughout the year, along with the other birds.

Yes, they are very vocal, particularly when they are nesting, but that is nature and I love hearing them – they are the sound of the coast.

Attacks do occur, but, again, that is usually during the nesting season and then they are only doing what all wildlife would do – protecting their young.

Although I have them nesting all around me, I have never had a problem with them even though young birds have fallen into my garden on occasions.

They are rapidly becoming an endangered species as we are increasingly invading their territory, and if they are fighting back, then good for them.

I am sick of hearing about people who want to cull wildlife just because it does not fit in with what they want.

Long may these loveable birds be protected.

Charles Walker

Western Place