Gym needs to fix it in reply to criticism

REFERRING to your article concerning the situation at Rowans Gym, I wish to add my voice to the protests.

I have been attending the gym for six years following a heart attack and stroke, requiring some remedial exercises and suitable instruction.

The gym staff have always been in attendance and ready for immediate aid if necessary.

Now, I find that the gym is completely unattended and all we get is a note on the wall with a phone number “in emergencies”.

I have balance problems and should I be alone in the gym – not unknown – and fall down, how am I supposed to get to a phone to call for assistance? Jenny White, who was in charge, is a very knowledgable lady with a very calm and reassuring presence and will be greatly missed.

I have ceased my membership which may not bother those in charge but they will not be getting the £200-£300 per year which I gave them.

This may not seem a lot, but if other members feel the same way, then perhaps management will have a rethink.

Robert Howe

Goring Way