Hand huts over

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I’VE been following the debate about Worthing’s beach huts with some surprise.

A recent Freedom of Information request reveals that Worthing Borough Council lists 159 beach huts and chalets in the property it owns and manages, catering for a tiny minority of nearly 100,000 residents of the town.

I can’t see any good reason for a local authority to provide an inessential service to such a small minority of Worthing residents in an age of austerity.

How about handing the huts it owns and the civic land the privately-owned huts are on to somebody better suited to manage it, perhaps a social entreprise?

This small business could let the beach huts at a realistic rate, covering costs and using any profit to better the promenade.

A good model would be the management of former chalets as arts studios at Splash Point.

Perhaps, it’s time the Big Society went to the beach?

Dan Thompson

Tower Road