Happened to me

I read with interest your article about the grandmother who is now so worried about parking (Herald, October 3), that her time when she can visit her grandchildren is restricted.

The same thing happened to me when parked in Wenban Road, also to visit my grandchild. I incurred a fine of £25 because I scratched the next day’s date off my parking voucher.

The traffic warden told me to appeal, but I now realise that she only said that to appease me.

Needless to say, the appeal was rejected, even though she had put the wrong colour of my car on the ticket. There is one rule for them, another for me, the victim.

My husband and I used to go shopping in Worthing at least once a month and often stopped for a cup of coffee. We now only go in if we have no alternative and then only do what we went for, no looking round, and no cups of coffee.

It is pointless spending a fortune on revamping the town centre if people are put off by aggressive traffic wardens and high parking fees.

Mrs J A Penn

Jubilee Avenue