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Your letters

There is little doubt that we have seen several weeks of the worst weather we have ever experienced in living memory.

Whilst I have suffered minor inconveniences such as having to cancel some of my travel plans and looking at a disaster of a garden that I can do nothing about because the ground is like a soggy wet sponge, my heart goes out to those who have suffered losses through the floods or spend their time watching the levels of the water around them in fear of their homes.

I also feel for the businessmen and traders who have seen their incomes suffer because people are unable to get out as life has been put on hold until this weather passes.

However, I would like to point out that throughout this weather, I have noticed the way in which our postal and waste collection services have been maintained. I think all these workers who have braved the extreme and unpleasant conditions day after day – and still remain dedicated and cheerful – deserve, at the very least, a medal each.

I am sure everyone will join me in expressing our thanks to these workers for their courage and resilience in battling the elements day after day to maintain our services.

Cllr David Chapman

Wiston Avenue,


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