Has Martin looked at Albion plans?

I DON’T think that Martin Perry of Brighton & Hove FC has read his own planning application for the football academy in Lancing.

In your report (Herald 14/06/12) he said that the academy would provide 70 – 80 fulltime jobs along with adult and children education classes and contribute up to £10 million to the local economy.

These figures are contradicted by their own planning application, so it would seem that he is simply plucking figures out of the air to try and impress councillors and residents.

In their planning application BHA say that the academy will be “a minor employment centre for local people” and that only 10 per cent of the available jobs will be filled by local people.

This means that only 6-7, mainly part-time jobs in cleaning, admin and catering will be created.

There are no planned education classes for residents; indeed the planning application also says that “that classroom use would involve relatively small numbers from the local area”.

In fact the only training course announced is a cycle training course for adult users to help ease the traffic congestion at the north Lancing roundabout!

The original planning application says that the contribution to the local economy will be £1 million – not £10 million quoted by Mr Perry and even this figure is questionable as no details are given.

In reality it will be far less than this due to the private nature of the facility and its insular and isolated position.

Users will simply go to the facility and leave, with few, if any venturing into the village.

Whilst exaggerating the claims of community benefit, Mr Perry failed to mention the effects on local residents of noise, light and traffic as well as the loss of a valuable area of open public space local used by the community for informal recreation.

Frank Iles

Mash Barn Lane