Has Worthing lost its pride?

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Your letters

At the weekend, we visited our former home town of Worthing and were saddened at what we saw.

The A27 Arundel Road is a gateway to the town, but because the grass along the side of the road has been left uncut for weeks it is a complete eyesore. People on touring holidays, considering where to stay, are influenced by first impressions – and the first impression of Worthing they get is a very sorry sight.

Between the two roundabouts there has been some grass cutting, but it´s all been left on top and again looked an awful mess.

The A27 is a trunk road and the Government (Highways Agency) is responsible. The A24/A27 between the roundabouts is presumably maintained by the county council. The Government gets nil points for its non-existent work, the county council gets about three. Worthing Borough Council is cutting the grass around the town, but what about the central reservation along Broadwater Road? That used to look good, but it´s full of weeds now.

Has Worthing lost pride in itself? Come on Mr Mayor, here´s a challenge for you.

Get Worthing Council to cut the grass along the A27 and, with big public fanfare, present the bill to the Government. If it refuses to pay, take it to the small claims court, again in the full glare of publicity.

Brilliant if every other council followed suit, with Worthing leading the way.

What great publicity for the town.

And why not name and shame all those people who turn a blind eye to the grass verge outside their homes? Everyone used to mow their bit of grass verge and even looked after those of elderly neighbours. Why are many people today so thoughtless and selfish, wanting everything done for them?

Tony Mayes,

Orihuela Costa,


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