Heading for disaster

I FEEL compelled to write in response to Pat Moor’s letter in the Herald of April 21.

She appears to be aware only of a physical world and believes “scientific evidence” has the answers to all life’s mysteries. She makes no mention of realities such as love, joy, peace, or greed, malice, hatred, which are all evidence of a spiritual world.

Does she really think our British society is better today than it was, say, 75 years ago, when many more people had Christian convictions?

Why have we developed serious debt problems at all levels of society, binge-drinking and drug-taking teenagers, greed and corruption among MPs and financiers, as well as having bulging prisons, many broken families and frequent abuse of young and old?

I believe it is because the majority of people, while professing a vague belief in a divine power, do not recognise that a loving and holy God, who has given us freewill, has also shown us that only by exercising self-discipline and serving others rather than ourselves, can we find true happiness and build a good society.

The church is certainly not perfect, but I believe it is now exploring new opportunities to serve the community and new ways of worshipping, which are attracting young people to true faith.

Also, if the church here is currently declining, it is certainly not doing so in many other parts of the world, but is growing rapidly, sometimes despite persecution.

I firmly refute the statement that “we have to accept that 2,000 years of Christian ‘belief’ is coming to an end”.

However, until we in Britain again become a nation of Christian people, committed in love and obedience to a relationship with the living God, I think we are heading for disaster, for it has been shown that without His help we cannot overcome the evils that pull us down. Beryl Chatfield

Reigate Road