Health and safety madness

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When is this health and safety going to stop?

It has got completely out of hand.

What are the Government going to think up next to spoil people’s way of life?

I refer to the latest ruling about having no Christmas decorations in our hospitals.


They say it harbours infection.

In that case, people will have to be stopped seeing their relatives and friends as they will carry germs.

I do agree, of course, that if there is a known virus about, such as flu, then action must be put in place.

if you had a relative or frien in hospital over Christmas, would you want to see a plain ward?

Surely not?

this would not help raise their spirits, as there is nothing worse than having to be in hospital in the first place.

And what of the staff, too – wouldn’t they like a Christmas atmosphere?

It may well be a loved one’s last Christmas.

You would make their time as happy as could if they were at home, why not in hospital?

As a retired nurse and sometimes patient, I speak from experience.

Mrs D.M. Cowdrey

Centrecourt Close,