Health decline

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Your letters

During my time working as an ambulanceman and paramedic in London and West Sussex, I have witnessed some decline of the health service.

There have been positives of course. I believe our ambulance service is now the best in the world, although they are under huge pressure with demand.

The care in the community act was an attempt to save the health service money but it has failed patients who are vulnerable and put the public at risk, and cost the country £100billion, according to a report by the Centre for Social Justice founded by Ian Duncan Smith (Daily Mail, October 31, 2011).

I witnessed hospitals like Cane Hill and Tooting Bec being run down to make way for new housing projects in the private sector. This policy swept away institutions who had decades of expertise in mental care and served the local community.

Patients are being held in police cells because there is very little provision for them locally.

The running down of orthopaedics at Southlands Hospital is another example of health trusts’ desperate need for cash. Provision was meant to be provided by Worthing Hospital, but due to shortages of beds, patients are being sent to St Richard’s in Chichester.

This is all going on while our Government is giving away £12billion in foreign aid and £53million a day for membership of the EU.

Councillor David Lambourne

Mash Barn ward Lancing

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