Heartless bike theft

I WOULD like to say a very big thank-you to the selfish person/s who has/have just ruined my daughter and her boyfriend’s life.

Thanks for stealing the motorbike of a very hard-working and honest university student.

It was taken from outside the flat they share in Northbrook Road in the early hours of Tuesday, March 22.

My daughter is also hard-working and struggling to make ends meet to gain independence in a rented flat.

Thanks for taking this independence away from them.

Thanks for making it even harder for her boyfriend to get to the only part-time job he has while studying, where he earns a pittance and works until the early hours.

Part of that pittance was saved up to buy that very motorbike.

Oh yes, he now has to get a taxi home from work. So, thanks for that, as he’s even more out of pocket.

And thanks for making it more difficult for them to get to the supermarket once a week.

They were getting their shopping and bringing it home on the bike in backpacks (as if that wasn’t hard enough).

They could not afford full insurance, so won’t get anything back for their loss. So, whoever stole it, I really hope you feel better about yourself/ves. This is what you do to people’s lives.

It’s not fair. Just as you think you are one rung up the ladder in life, someone comes and takes it all away from you.

Pam Skelton

Goldsmith Road