Help the town

I HAVE been following recent comments both in and out of your letters pages.

As the owner of the Sunny Café, I feel it appropriate to be allowed to add my own comments.

As a family, when we have a rare day off, we often go to Eastbourne and we agree that the seafront there is amazing – far more to see and do than Worthing, and cheaper and plentiful parking.

There is also far more entertainment in Eastbourne, more theatres, more hotels and a generally far more vibrant feel than Worthing.

My family has owned businesses in Worthing for more than 45 years, and we have seen the decline slowly over this time.

My Yallop may well be correct in his figures about the council tax contributions, but this is NOT the only issue, is it?

As council leader, My Yallop received a special responsibility allowance of (I believe) £13,500 against Eastbourne leader’s £3,978.

Who, therefore, gives better value for money?

Yes, the Splash Point regeneration has been carried out, but at what cost to local business? We suffered nearly two years’ disruption during the regeneration, we have lost many parking facilities while it was carried out, and again during the renovation of the Eardley Hotel.

Where is the promotion of the other cafés on the seafront between the pier and east Worthing. Why does he refer to Coast Café and not The Sunny Café or Macari’s?

Mr Yallop is bound to feel grateful to return to Worthing – he had a large amount of input into its current state.

Worthing is killing off its small businesses, and without them, any town is virtually identical to others.

Please, Mr Yallop and Worthing Borough Council, it’s time to create a town we can truely be proud of.

The community spirit alone is not enough.

Christine Stasi

Sunny Café

Marine Parade