Helpful advice? No!

IN this time of austerity, it is very nice to see that the parks dept have managed to scrape enough pennies together, probably from the councillors’ swear box, to erect a new notice by the multi-activity area in Tarring Rec.

Amongst other helpful pieces of advice, it suggests rubbish is put in the bins provided. As no bins were ever provided close to this facility using a bin would require the young person to walk at least 15 metres to the nearest – a feat well beyond the ability of most of them.

The money used could have been much better spent replacing the section of railing which was vandalised about four years ago and has since then been in the main council depot.

On the subject of spending, I found the item on councillors’ expenses very interesting, but what I did not notice was any mention of an acknowledgement of current financial restraints in the form of either a promise to cut out un-necessary future expenses, or, even better, a percentage refund as a gesture of solidarity with their impoverished constituents.

Paul LeCount

Stonehurst Road