Helpful school

May I, on behalf of Team Atlantic Splash, thank through your paper, Chesswood Middle School.

Some months ago, I wrote to every school in Worthing and Lancing, offering them the chance to see the boat in which our crew will be rowing the Atlantic Ocean for charity and to meet these local men who are about to do something that even less people have done than have been into space.

Of over 40 schools, only one took the trouble to reply – Chesswood Middle School – and we spent a very cold a wet day with them in the playground after assembly, explaining why they were doing it, what it entailed and what dangers and rewards were likely.

The staff and pupils made us all so welcome, the mayor and mayoress (and Herbie) got cold and wet with the rest of us and a fabulous day was not marred by the awful weather.

The school ‘adopted’ the crew as part of a sponsorship package and now have the school logo emblazoned on the boat, Mission Atlantic (Missy) and told us they were going to do some fundraising for us, too. Today, I have received a cheque for £573.25 on behalf of the team (currently awaiting the arrival of Missy for race start) which they raised by having a charity day after school and a non-uniform day.

In our opinion, not only a heartfelt thanks needs to be made to this wonderful school but we feel that the residents of Worthing should also realise what a wonderfully community minded school this is.

The crew will be phoning them from mid-Atlantic just before they break up for Christmas and we shall be back there when the boys are safely home next year, telling them about the challenge and thanking them in person.

Trudi Starling

Ground crew and events co-ordinator,

Team Atlantic Splash

Alexandra Court