Helping the community

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There is a wonderful project here in Worthing that is starting to have such a positive effect on our community that I feel we should all be shouting about it. Drug and alcohol dependency is a subject that we tend to brush under the carpet, as it makes us uneasy. It is time to change our attitudes as we have some amazing people in Worthing and across West Sussex, that have turned their lives around and are now helping others do the same – Recovery Champions. It is part of a project run by Addaction. Recovery Champions use their experience and knowledge to help others develop the skills to achieve drug and alcohol free life styles. One young man has taken on the role of Blood Borne Virus peer educator. (BBV) He speaks with such enthusiasm you would be forgiven for thinking he was a professional. He is trying to raise awareness around this subject and change public perception, supporting users who need to be tested or have just received a positive result. So, right here in Worthing we have these amazing people who have turned a negative part of their lives into a positive and are passing it on. Isn’t this something we should be shouting about?

County councillor

Nicky Waight

Durrington and Salvington division