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In response to Chris Chatfield and the rest of 20’s Pointless’s false claims about the impact of 20mph, here are a few FACTS for your readers:

1. Almost all the roads used by Worthing’s buses are excluded from the proposed 20mph scheme.

2. The worst possible delay that the current plans could cause to any Compass bus route is 142 seconds ... and that is calculated assuming the bus currently does a constant 30mph for the whole of the two miles or so of quieter residential roads planned to become 20mph (i.e. it doesn’t slow at all for parked cars, junctions, speed humps or indeed bus stops!).

3. It doesn’t make sense to argue for 20mph only around schools – over 90 per cent of road injuries to Worthing’s children do not happen outside schools.

4. Worthing has the highest numbers of injuries to children who walk and cycle of anywhere in West Sussex. The same is true for adults.

5. 20mph limits would make our streets feel safer, encouraging more people to walk and cycle rather than drive, helping reduce pollution and congestion. 20mph is supported by hundreds of organisations from road safety, to cycling, to health.

20’s Plenty for Worthing is happy to provide the evidence to substantiate all these facts (most is already available on our website) and suggests that readers ask those against 20mph where their evidence is before believing their claims.

During preparation of the 20mph consultation, 20’s Plenty for Worthing offered to work with Chris to address his concerns, suggesting that the impacts of the scheme on buses should be monitored and the few remaining bus route roads included in the scheme could be exempted if it was found to be necessary.

Of course, we have to find a balance – the proposed scheme is not a ‘blanket’ approach. It is targeted at residential streets and excludes main through routes. And the council already has the money to pay for the scheme – money which has not come from tax- payers and which cannot be used to reinstate bus services.

If you would like safer residential streets for our children, cyclists, older people, those with disabilities and indeed everyone, please vote YES for 20 mph.

Duncan Kay

Boundary Road


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