High praise for hospital service

I have nothing but praise for my treatment under the NHS following an illness that started in October after food poisoning, which was my fault.

This meant that I had to spend two weeks in Durrington ward of Worthing Hospital following a CT scan for the illness, which revealed blood clots in the lungs.

The staff, both day and night, looked after me very well and the food was not at all bad; even the staff who came in every morning to clean the beds thoroughly were well received.

In spite of the usual discomforts of constant blood tests and endoscopies, I felt relaxed and comfortable, and my visitors enjoyed (such as you can) the atmosphere of the ward. Bad press is to a great extent sensationalism, which sells news, but all in all I have to thank all the NHS trust for their support, especially where they said “now you are our patient we will make sure that everything will be treated and investigated until you are well”.

Thanks again to everyone.

David Shelton

Castle Road