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Your letters

I wrote to West Sussex County Council’s highways department on June 3 regarding the white lines placed on Manor Roundabout, Lancing, simply to point out that the white line leading from Grinstead Lane to the eastbound carriageway of the A27 contradicts the Highway Code and encourages overtaking on the left.

Or is there some new law known only to the county council?

The highways department has declined to reply to my letter, instead they placed the signs ‘keep left’ and ‘keep right’ at the point where the white line exits onto the eastbound A27.

Maybe the new white line and signs are the county council’s way of alleviating traffic congestion in Grinstead Lane. If it is, it is a highly dangerous, confusing way of inviting collisions on Manor Roundabout.

R. Luckhurst

Boundstone Lane,


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