Hilarious plan

Yet another hilarious scheme for Worthing Pier from Mr Duckett (Herald story, July 4).

Visitors to a wedding, whether guests or bridal party, wish to park near the venue. Where can people park to get on the pier?

Perhaps the idea is to park on the promenade? There is then a long, extremely windy walk to the pavilion.

Some ladies will be wearing hats and very high heels. It will be a very unpleasant walk.

Obviously, the South Pavilion would be a charming place for a wedding in the summer (when we have one) with fantastic views.

Does Mr Duckett have any ideas how you get there on the many wet days we have?

Whatever happens to the South Pavilion, parking is vital.

One suggestion would be to have parking in the present bus-station and build a new bus station on the old police station site.

This would also remove the dreadful congestion inadvertently caused by buses in South Street.

The parking would still be some way from the pier but the layout could easily be altered to make a drop-off point.

Susanna Humphreys

Meadow Road