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Imagine this scenario. You are very seriously in debt. Your children are hungry and you have been cutting back on their education and health in an effort to get back on track.

You have some very poor neighbours. So you go to the bank and borrow some money and give it away to your neighbours. Meanwhile, members of your own family are dying from neglect. Is that good?

This is exactly what the British Government is doing. The UK is in debt to the tune of almost 90 per cent of its GDP, ie £1,400,000,000,000 and it is borrowing money so it can give it away.

Over £5,000,000,000 is handed over to corrupt regimes in Africa and Asia, including India, which has its own space programme and nuclear weapons, as does Pakistan and China.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office just hands over cash and it has no idea where it is going or who receives it or how it is being used/abused.

I assume great bags full are spent on cars, TVs, holidays etc for corrupt politicians and their families. Meanwhile, in the UK last year, 31,000 people died from the cold, with 26,500 being over 75.

And, 900,000 OAPs are being abandoned by local councils due to a lack of home help, to save money.

Something is not right here. It seems our politicians have decided that a few thousand British pensioners are not worth spending money on, while handing out billions of pounds of British taxpayers’ money to foreigners so they can improve their lives. It may be a cliché but charity begins at home.

Anthony Farrar

Compton Avenue,


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