Honoured to serve

I WOULD like to say on behalf of Mark Steeles and myself, thank you to all those people who voted for us on Thursday. Unfortunately, this was not enough to get Mark elected for his first time or for myself to regain my seats on Arun and the town council.

I have enjoyed my four years working hard and supporting the people of Littlehampton and for this I feel honoured that I had a chance to do so and I wish it had continued for another four years. It is, however, a shame that, because of the national situation, people voted against the local Liberal Democrats who worked hard for the residents of Littlehampton.

However, I wish those winning councillors a good term in office on both Arun and the town council and I hope they help and support you, the people of Littlehampton, as well as I did .

Ian Buckland

former Littlehampton River ward Liberal Democrat councillor

Lizard Head