Hoped my town would do same

I read in the Worthing County Local Committee’s minutes that the committee “were disappointed and confused” that the 20’s Plenty consultation was only being carried out across six wards in the town as they had made it clear they wanted the consultation to be borough-wide and doing small areas at a time could ultimately cost more money – and I fully share their confusion.

As a frequent visitor to Worthing town centre, I have been watching the, sometimes painfully slow, progress of this commendable initiative for some time.

The recent decision at Chichester to adopt 20mph for all but A and B roads gave me cause for hope that Worthing might follow suit, but West Sussex County Council appear to have dropped the ball, again.

In my view, 20mph limits only really make sense when applied to all residential and shopping roads in an area, so that residents can appreciate the considerable benefits in their street, and thus respect the speed limit when driving elsewhere in the borough. Thus, the consultation should be borough-wide, too.

Mike Crocker

Maudlyn Park, Steyning