Hopes for a lower limit

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I am not a resident of Worthing, yet I fully understand the need for a reduction in speed in residential roads where people live. If a child can be killed at 30mph, then something has to be done to stop it.

Implementing this only in part of the borough would make this ineffective and more likely to be ignored by drivers who live in areas where 20 is plenty signs are not.

I have a friend who was knocked off his bicycle when travelling to work.

He had to take time off work and pay out for the damage to his bicycle.

It is not just children who can be affected.

People with hidden disabilities, such as the deaf and partially sighted can all need more time to make safe judgements in crossing the road.

In low light conditions and at poorly lit areas this becomes even more important.

I live in East Preston and in one road only (The Street) there is a 20 mph speed limit during school times only.

I sincerely hope my village will also introduce more 20’s Plenty traffic lights or signs: in particular, Worthing Road, East Preston, has vehicles sometimes speeding more than 40 mph to reach the level crossing gates at each end of this road before the next train arrives.

NHS Hospitals need to save money.

Saving on the costs for treating road traffic accidents is a way forward.

In these times, no-one can afford to be off work long term because of a road traffic accident and no driver wants to live with the guilt of causing a death or severe injury.

Deborah Wood

Forge Close, East Preston