Horrified over the sea view’s future

AS a result of reading the Worthing Herald article describing the proposed windfarm development off the coast of Brighton, I feel I must write to object to the visibility of the windfarm from the shoreline.

I have recently moved into Worthing and can easily see the meteorological tower from my apartment. I am horrified that our wonderful sea view will be peppered with a host of wind turbines along the horizon.

I have no objection if they are sufficiently out of sight of the human eye as the purpose of the installation is for the betterment of reducing our reliance on other expensive power methods.

However, it should not be at the cost of destroying the beautiful sea horizon for tens of thousands of people who choose to live by the sea. Surely, it is possible to position them further out to sea.

I must also point out that this article is the first I have seen which invites comments from the public.

This venture is the South Coast’s best-kept secret and many people have not had the opportunity of objecting due to its lack of publicity. The websites are not explicit and give no details as to the proposals almost in place.

Who are all these people that think it is a good idea – certainly not those along the coast line!

Cyndy Downie

Steyne Gardens