Hospital praised

I feel I have to write to you to express my deep gratitude for the love and professional care my wife, Sylvia Peters, received during her stay in Worthing Hospital.

Over her ten-week stay, Sylvia was on a number of wards, starting with the accident and emergency department, then on to Becket, Broadwater, Chiltington, the enhanced surgical care unit, high-dependency unit, intensive care unit, back to high-dependency, back to enhanced surgical care and, finally, Clapham, so we feel particularly qualified to comment!

In every ward, the care was the same – wonderful.

Sylvia was under the care of the orthopaedic team first, and then she was diagnosed with a serious condition which led her to being cared for by the surgical team.

At every point, the team explained procedures and risk and never tired of being asked the same questions by our very stressed family.

Similarly, the nurses and doctors in the intensive care and high-dependency units were always on hand to answer questions and explain things, even if, at times, it was the worst case scenario.

In all wards, the nursing teams, led by excellent nursing sisters and charge nurses, made Sylvia as comfortable as possible, respecting her dignity and opinion and taking the time to reassure her when we were not there.

Something else we feel we have to comment on is the incredible level of cleanliness we observed in all the wards.

On two occasions, Sylvia was even relocated, along with other patients, to different rooms, and even wards, so that they could be ‘deep cleaned’.

We clarified this at first, fearing an infection outbreak, but were reassured that this is what happens in Worthing on a regular basis, to ensure an exemplary level of hygiene.

The excellent care received has not stopped, even on discharge.

I received special training by the nurses while my wife was on the ward, but have been able to call them with queries and concerns and they return my calls promptly.

Having them at the end of the phone is so reassuring for my wife and myself.

Last, but not least, the staff in the Shoreline restaurant.

They kept me going for ten weeks with excellent food that is reasonably priced.

At some points, I was eating in there twice a day and my family joined me on a number of occasions for the outstanding roast dinner on a Sunday.

Not only was their food great, but the care and concern they showed me was touching.

Once I was a familiar face, I was always asked how my wife was and good wishes always followed. The caring attitude is extended beyond the wards.

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful, efficient facility on our doorstep.

The fact that my wife is back at home with me is testament to the excellent care that the various teams have shown and that they refused to give up on her.

We as a family can never thank them enough.

Roy Peters

Wembley ave