Hospital staff need more than fresh air

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WITH reference to Mrs D. P. McBrien’s letter of October 27, about the cost of a restaurant in Worthing Hospital and the fact the Worthing has “several very good restaurants”, does she not realise the restaurant caters for the staff, of whom there are hundreds?

Where does she expect them to eat?

Most NHS staff get a 30-minute break, certainly not enough time to go to one of Worthing’s “very good restaurants”.

The staff need to eat and that’s why the hospital needs a restaurant, that’s why it was “deemed necessary” which frankly I thought would have been obvious to the meanest of intelligence!

Does she think the hospital staff exist on fresh air?

As to the empty houses, has she not seen all the publicity and plans for the new Breast Centre? For someone with strong views on NHS finance, she seems to be a bit out of the loop with local news. Planning applications take time and some of the houses she mentions were actually used for offices, very few for accommodation.

Perhaps she would like to contact the hospital or the council regarding the progress of the planning application and if she can think of another way to feed the staff without them resorting to the restaurant, then let her speak!

Maureen McDougall

Franklin Road