Hostile letters

Whatever happened to the old core values of respect, tolerance and understanding of and towards others?

As a responsible seasoned cyclist of some 55 years or more, I was greatly saddened by the hostile tone of several recent anti-cycling letters in these columns which sadly reflects the widespread lack of awareness and tolerance shown by many local drivers to cyclists – their fellow road users – witnessed by the daily examples of poor standards of driving and total disregard for the safety of others most prevalent during the morning and evening peak periods and school runs.

Here in Tarring Village, where I literally risk my life to cycle daily down through narrow Church Road to get my paper, rarely a day goes by without some impatient driver trying to overtake me where there is clearly not sufficient space or, on the return journey up Terringes Avenue, where I signal well in advance to turn right into Rusper Road South and then move to the centre of the road, frequently drivers either try to undercut me at speed or disregard my hand signal and overtake on the wrong side of the road regardless of oncoming traffic, all to save just a few seconds !

Undoubtedly, there are also cyclists who by their own actions, show that same disregard and respect for other road users and pedestrians but in reality is what we are now seeing in all too many areas of life symptomatic of the much wider growing malaise of a lack of core values?

Now there is a worthwhile campaign for the Worthing Herald to champion.

Stuart Elms

Rackham Road