Housing concern

I AM writing to you to express my concern about the proposed housing development in the fields surrounding Tesco in Durrington.

Following a well-attended meeting in the community hall last weekend I was convinced by the rational arguments and experiences of local residents that this development should not be approved by the planning office.

The proposal of building 800 homes (that is only stage 1) seems to me to be vitally flawed.

1) It was pointed out that the water table in this area is extremely high and various residents related experiencing flooding in their gardens and houses in the areas around and to the south of the proposed development.

To cover large areas in concrete will only make matters worse, leaving the new houses and those to the south in greater danger of flooding with the further outcome of great disruption and distress and the possibility that the houses will become uninsurable.

2) The site has only one access road, Titnore Way. This road is not suitable for heavy traffic and residents are already suffering damage and inconvenience from delivery lorries servicing Tesco. Several said that they regard it as “an accident waiting to happen” as the road is only suitable for light traffic.

3) Local medical,transport and educational services are already overstretched and there does not appear to be any allowance for this in the proposed development.

If housing is required, it seems to me to make sense to use brown sites within Worthing rather than to build on this site which has all these problems.

Susan Tongue,

New Road,