Housing plan fury

I HAVE not written to the Herald for some time now, but I am furious because of local new housing plans.

We need the support of our local councillors and MPs for this area, to fight against this.

Another 700 homes in Durrington and 600 in Lancing by the airport, we hear!

This will create more than approximately 1,200 extra cars on our local roads.

After my letters of a few months ago about the congested A27 at the Downlands (Lyons Farm) crossroads, nothing has been done.

Our two local MPs went to a special conference to discuss this major problem on the A27. Many times, the tailback goes as far as Lancing to the east.

They talk about supporting local businesses, but companies must be losing thousands of pounds in late deliveries and sales.

Now, we hear of these extra houses being built in the area.

I am retired, but when I worked in sales and travelled the UK, I saw endless miles and miles of open land north of Watford, especially when you passed the old “industrial Midlands”.

Another point is the poor traffic light signalling at the Lyons Farm crossroads, especially since the new Argos complex opened.

There will be a serious accident here if it is not rectified.

Peter Knight

Langdale Close