How interesting

How interesting to read £14,000 will go into the coffers once the second home tax discount has been removed.

When will the district council deal with the exemption of tax owned by rich landlords and leased out to students?

In reply to my letter on this subject, Andrew Tyrie MP defended the present situation by saying ‘the landlord, if made responsible, would then pass on the cost of the council tax to the tenant (student) through increased rent’.

Is the ordinary council taxpayer, apart from covering the huge cost of providing the facilities for these houses of multiple occupancy, also to be held to ransom in this maanner?

My letter to the Observer (September 27) caused disbelief from many who were unaware no council tax is payable on student-occupied property and Derek Packham in ‘It’s Your Shout (October 11) supported the view that rich landlords, often owning more than one property, should be responsible for the cost of servicing them.

The resulting revenue would far exceed the £14,000 expected from the amendment on council tax due from second homes.

G Gilhooly

The Old Mill