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Your letters

I was stunned to see the ‘throw-away’ comment in last week’s edition, to the effect that the Grafton Road car park in Worthing could be marketed for redevelopment in January.

We have just got away from the disastrous parking fiasco, with reasonable prices now being charged resulting in increased car parking and, thus, increased retail sales.

How can we suddenly hear of this crazy idea to get rid of one of the multi-storey car-parks and, thus, destroy the footfall yet again?

And what about the very new techology of number plate recognition in the car parks, which has so improved the flow? Are we happy to throw away the cost of that improvement? Then we see another throw-away comment that they will ‘agree and sign-off a land-deal for Shoreham Airport by July’. What is this?

And, almost the sting in

the tail, ‘a hope of building 7,000 new homes in the next ten years’. Where do our councillors live? It surely cannot be Worthing – have they never been on the local roads? Do they think the services such as schools and doctors, could cope? Have they not seen our open spaces disappearing already?

Trevor Deakin

Hillside Avenue


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