Hut users’ raw deal

WHY is it that, in this town, some people begrudge others the simple pleasure of sitting outside a beach hut by the sea?

This is a seaside town and generations of families have enjoyed using these chalets and beach huts.

Other towns, such as Brighton and Bournemouth (and, one would think, more progressive towns), are building more of them and, according to our council’s website, there is a great demand for them.

If the gentleman considers £1,067 is cheap, let him look at them and consider how much the council spends on them, and does he realise the cost of renting has risen by 54 per cent over six years, far above the retail price index, not a bad income towards other council services?

This year, we are not even allowed a small gas burner to make a drink or a bacon sandwich, again a part of the beach hut tradition.

I would also like to point out that the council did spend £27,000 to renovate the artists’ studios and that, according to council minutes, they are leased out at the same rent as we pay and they do not pay any business rates.

They also have electricity.

Contrary to the gentleman’s view, we are surely more profitable to the council.

My final point is that we do come down regularly in the winter, weather permitting.

Only one artist appears most days, The most I have seen open during the winter is perhaps three on a Sunday, but more often two. Even in the summer, it is rare to see them all open.

The council is already pulling down beach chalets. It has got rid of Peter Pan’s and we are losing the paddling pool.

Please let us retain some of our seaside traditions

Ann Tyson

Warwick Street