I agree, Duncan

Duncan Barkes is absolutely right in all he says about the 20’s Plenty campaign, I was particularly interested in the fact that campaigners’ responses to councillor Michael Cloake’s comments were sarcastic, as I was always taught this is the lowest form of wit however, here’s a bit more ‘they would be wouldn’t they?’.

The supporters always point to Portsmouth as a great example of the success of such a scheme but there has not been a great reduction in accidents as a result, motorists also complain that as Duncan says the constant changes in the limit are confusing. I would add that the additional street furniture required is a distraction and obstruction.

Observation is one of the most important requirements when driving and probably when walking and cycling as well, so any additional obstructions reduce safety.

Duncan is also right that so called green activists are probably behind it, their thinking that everybody should walk or cycle, well not everyone can and anyway surely human rights would dictate that they should have the choice.

The idea that it would make the roads safer for children is untrue, it leads them into a false sense of security and they lose sight of the fact that cars are not always travelling at the same speed. Go back to teaching them how to cross roads safely.

P. Naylor

Brougham Road