I dispute the report

YOUR report in last week’s Worthing Herald stated that 111 pedestrians and cyclists have died during the last five years in Worthing compared with Crawley, 62, and the 20’s Plenty Campaign said “this was further proof of the need for the speed limit in Worthing’s residential roads to be reduced from 30mph to 20 mph”.

It does nothing of the sort, as each road traffic collision needs to be analysed as to the cause before any conclusions can be drawn. For instance, are Worthing’s cyclists and pedestrians more reckless and less law abiding than those in Crawley? Do they run more red lights? Do they cycle more often the wrong way down one-way streets? Do Worthing pedestrians have more of a tendency to cross on red at pelican crossings? Also, Crawley is a smaller town than Worthing so, of course, one would expect fewer casualties.

Until each incident is investigated and the cause ascertained, it is impossible to draw blanket conclusions as to the advisability of reducing speed limits.

I.R. Scott,

Broadwater Street West,