I’m disgusted

I am writing to you as a resident of Brunswick Road to register my complaint about the way elderly residents in my road are being treated with the current building works that are taking place with the building of a new hotel and apartments.

My viewpoint is that I consider it shameful and absolutely outrageous.

Like me, as a resident of Brunswick Road, my elderly neighbour and I have bought our annual residents’ parking permit, however, the weekly restrictions that have been imposed on our road have resulted in us both incurring charges.

The rules have not been clarified to us to avoid these penalties which ordinarily we would not have been subjected to.

For example, cars parked in the areas that are subsequently coned. My son moved our car when we were on holiday, believing he was helping us not get a fine. I was informed that cars already parked in the bays should not receive parking tickets, so we would have been all right if we had kept it there. However, this cannot be the case, as I observed a car being given a ticket this Tuesday. How are we supposed to know?

Furthermore, the treatment of my neighbour this week, in being allowed one minute to unload her shopping, has inflamed me into writing this letter.

Prior to this, when she stopped before in the restricted zone to unload her shopping, two traffic wardens were about to book her.

I called to her from the street to hurry up before she was booked, but she is frail and is worried about falling over.

Now she tells me she has been given a ticket for the very same thing.

She is unable to carry her shopping from around the corner. This is totally outrageous conduct.

She is being hounded by these wardens trying to gain funds from the people who are suffering the inconvenience of parking restrictions where they live.

I am totally disgusted by elderly people being treated in this manner.

Sally Carvey

Brunswick Road