I’m taken aback

Every week I read the Herald and am always taken aback at the way so many in the letters page or columns – hello Mr Hart – speak about our town.

You would think sometimes that we live in some blighted ex-mining town in the grim north.

There is so much to celebrate about our town. Today, I walked down to the brilliant food festival, sat in sun drenched Steyne Gardens and had a paddle in the sea. What a place!

Crescent Road is the equal of any restaurant in Brighton, and round the corner from me I have a cracking Italian deli (Piccola Italia). I can walk to two cinemas in 15 minutes, I’ve even got a nightclub two minutes from my house that has started doing Drum and Bass nights!

I’ve been here two years now and have no doubt that (touch wood) I’ll still be here in 50.

Yes, Teville Gate needs sorting, yes, a bypass would be nice and, yes, it would be nice if voting UKIP wasn’t deemed to be quite so acceptable, but come now, people, let’s have some more optimism.

Sunny Worthing rules, ok?

Joe Thornton

Southcourt Road