I think letter was nonsense

In Steve Wood’s recent letter, he claimed that injuries increased during a trial of 20mph limits in Warrington.

This is nonsense!

The official full report published by Warrington Borough Council and available on the internet showed it achieved an overall reduction in collisions of 14 per cent in the trial area.

This was over and above a 12 per cent background reduction in the borough as a whole (i.e., in the trial area, collisions actually went down by 26 per cent).

Cyclists and pedestrians particularly benefited, with a 36 per cent reduction in injuries.

Steve also omits to mention that the scheme was calculated to have paid for itself eight times over in the first year!

As a result, Warrington, in common with many other towns and cities, has now made 20mph limits permanent.

The 20’s Plenty campaign in Worthing has received letters and emails from residents in over 80 roads across Worthing complaining about the speed that people drive on their road.

Despite issuing a challenge to those who are against 20mph, the campaign has yet to hear of a single road in Worthing where the majority of residents would be against a 20mph limit.

This is not just about safety, it is about quality of life – making Worthing a more pleasant place for ALL road users – children, older people, those with disabilities, cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.

If you support 20mph limits for residential roads, please sign the petition at www.20splentyforworthing.org.uk

Duncan Kay

Boundary Road,