I’ve heard it all

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Now I think I have heard it all; a sandpit in South Street?

Is there really no other use for a spare £11,000 (or whatever the final cost) than this?

Questions: Will the sand be retained in any sort of “raised bed” (for people to trip over) to prevent it gradually migrating back to the beach?

How will it be protected from visiting dogs who will surely love it?

Have the shops been consulted?

Will they like having wet sand tramped into their premises after rain has soaked the “beach”.

Or will they enjoy having dry sand whisked into their shops if a gale blows up?

If the weather turns windy, will shoppers enjoy being “sandblasted” as they pass through South Street?

Will the area be patrolled day and night to prevent vandalism (particularly after the pubs close)?

Has the whole thing really been thought through?

I have my doubts!

Rosemary Dinning

Russell Close