Ideas at odds

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Regarding your story on beach chalets (Herald, August 15), some years ago Stefan Sykes asked to take over “unused” chalets for artists’ studios.

Fine. Recently permission was given to build 28 chalets despite much opposition. The reason given for permission was “so many people want chalets and they have to wait too many years”.

So the new chalets will be built making the walkalong the sea front most unpleasant, because, instead of seeing the sea, we shall see the back of sheds.

Now, Stefan Sykes wishes to evict ten families from their beach huts for further studios! We are told that the affected people will be affered new huts ‘when they become available’.

Clearly, these two are incompatible – if we need more because of demand we cannot allow existing ones to be used as art studios. It would be interesting to find out exactly how many sales are made from the studios per week, especially as they are only open at weekends. This has to be a non-starter.

S. Humphreys

Meadow Road