If you can’t pay the fine...

I READ with interest your front page headlines and article about Richard Dore, who paid his parking fin in coins.

Whilst I can appreciate frustration at receiving a parking fine I wonder how many other times that Mr Dore has similarly parked illegally and not received a ticket as there has not been a parking warden around, I doubt that this was the first time!

And what the fact that he is an ex-serviceman has anything to do with it I am at a loss to understand, unless that was for sympathy!

I can also not understand why having “had his day” in the newspaper he then decided to take his frustration out on an employee who has no say in how parking fines are or regulations are implemented.

The cashier was just doing her job and if anything it only made someone else frustrated, this time the cashier who was probably looking forward to finishing the shift and going home.

If he felt that strongly, then pay in coins by all means but leave the coins in the bags, emptying them into a Carrier Bag smacks of pettiness at best and vindictiveness at most.

As the saying goes, with a bit of poetic licence, “if you can’t pay the fine, don’t do the crime”.

Shame on you, Mr Dore.

J Robson

Ashacre Lane