Ignorant owners

Being a beautiful clear and sunny day on Sunday, my wife and I decided to get our boots on and go for a longish walk.

We headed to the seafront and decided to head west towards Ferring.

As many residents will know, dogs are prohibited on the beach itself between May and September.

In addition, dogs on the beach public footpath should be on a lead at all times.

Between George V Avenue and Sea Lane Café, and on the beach footpath, I counted a total of 37 dogs without leads with their owners being totally oblivious, or ignoring the notices erected at regular intervals along the footpath.

Why does the local authority not take action on this matter?

In my view, if the dog warden was to patrol this section and hand out on-the-spot fines, it may send out the appropriate message to dog owners.

After all, the notices do refer to the fact that a fine of up to £500 can be levied for contravention of the order.

Perhaps if a few maximum fines were handed out, people may think twice before letting their best friend run wild on the footpath.

Paul Hilland

St Michael’s Road