Imagination needed

I AGREE with Anne Farras’s letter, Worthing could learn a lot from Eastbourne.

However, what Worthing most needs is surely the initiative, imagination and vision to create a plan; then the energy and determination to drive it to completion.

Unfortunately, it seems these attributes have been ruthlessly eradicated from Worthing Borough Council as they would inevitably lead to change. Successive councils have seemed desperate to maintain the status-quo. But as the rest of the UK moves forward, this policy has demonstrably had the effect of putting the town into reverse.

Do we see Eastbourne, or any other borough that has a clear understanding of where it is going, descend into the sort of farce that has become the Spyglass Inn saga?

The officers were quite unequivocal in their recommendation. I can only conclude that Worthing’s councillors are either directionless, or ruinously burdened by delusions of adequacy.

So, councillor Yallop, please prove me wrong. Every now and then, I too would like to sit on the pier sipping a glass of chilled Sauvignon blanc whilst watching the sun slip below the horizon. It’s hardly a lot to ask.

Perhaps you might even care to join us? We could while away the time discussing how Eastbourne’s three theatres compare to Worthing’s?

Bill Hammond

St Andrews Road