‘Immediate action’ needed

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I am a resident of Ham Road and wanted to email you regarding the current situation of parking, which I know you are all very aware of. My husband attended the meeting and is mentioned in the Herald article last week regarding this problem. I just wanted to email you all as a matter of urgency to draw your attention to a new problem. People are now parking on the bridge. This situation is going from bad to worse. Pulling out of Ham Way just now, to turn right over the bridge, was so dangerous due to a car, three cars in fact, who were parked on the bridge. I couldn’t see! I would also like to point out that I do not expect to park right outside my house, I am not lucky enough to have my own space and I am quite happy to walk a distance, even with three children including a baby. However, I am now, after five years of living here, parking further and further away from my house. Something has to be done immediately. We need controlled parking as a matter of urgency and we need a crossing before someone is killed on this chaotic stretch of road, and it’s most likely going to be a child due to schools nearby.

Sarah Jordan

Ham Road,