‘Impact was life-changing’

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I WRITE in response to your article “Church accused of intimidation at abortion clinic”.

Six years ago, during my first pregnancy, I experienced the premature labour and subsequent loss of twin boys at just short of 26 weeks gestation

The impact that this had on me emotionally, physically and mentally was life-changing.

The guilt I experienced was unjustified at yet very present.

Previous to this experience, I would have been of the view that it is a woman’s personal choice to continue or abort a pregnancy.

Following the miscarriage, I have seriously re-considered this view.

I have considered other times in history such as the holocaust mentioned or the slave trade.

The majority of society would have either been ignorant of the fact, or the extent, of these situations.

Such strongly held societal opinions were enough to blind even the masses of the reality and truth. As brave men and women, endeavoured to re-educate and expose they faced staunch, aggressive opposition.

What is more morally good than to know the truth of a situation in-order to make an informed decision and know the responsibility of your actions before the full force of them impact you in retrospect?

What is democracy if we cannot freely voice our opinion, and listen to the evidence and opinion in opposition and weigh it for ourselves?

I understand that women going to abortion clinics are going through traumatic decisions and situations. If, however, you believe that her trauma would be multiplied by taking an uninformed decision, is it not more moral and compassionate to distress her further in-order that the greater good for herself and the unborn child would prevail?

If a leg is broken we have to fix it. It is not good to try and continue life with a broken leg or the problem will become all consuming.

Rather, we must endure relatively small amounts of pain and discomfort in order to be restored to full health.

In my opinion, the closer you get to the truth the more opposition you will face. As individuals and society we do not like to hear truth. Truth demands change and sometimes it is more convenient to ignore than to accept that our view on the world could have been completely, or partially wrong. As the saying goes, you know when you’ve touched a nerve because you get a response!

Katie Bower

Ashdown Road