Improve Worthing’s air quality by introducing emissions zone

A couple of weeks ago, we heard the International Panel on Climate Change announce that we have only 12 years in which to drastically reduce our use of fossil fuels.

If we do not then we will not be able to halt rapidly escalating temperature rise.

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This means that, like half of the animals already extinct since 1970, we will have no choice but to prepare for our future demise as the planet becomes ever more hostile to supporting life.

Now, I have been waiting for our government or local authority to make some announcements as to how they are going to tackle the ‘world’s biggest threat’, as said by David Attenborough. Silence.

Many children all over the world are striking from school, saying that we, as adults, are ruining their future.

So I was glad to read that London is creating an ultra-low emission zone area (ULEZ), and charging vehicles daily to drive through if they do not meet emissions criteria, including lorries and buses.

Can we not do this in Worthing? We already break guidelines daily for levels of nitrogen dioxide at Grove Lodge, Lyons Farm, and Offington Corner.

This can shorten lives of residents by up to ten years, hasten dementia onset, worsen respiratory disease, and lower IQ.

We need to improve air quality, especially for our young children and elderly, build more charging points for electric vehicles, encourage cycling and walking and discourage idling cars.

It is beyond the time for small steps, we need to cut fossil fuels so why not start with this?

Julia Owen

Lyndhurst Road, Worthing


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