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Your letters

I couldn’t agree more with J.P. Saville (letters February 19) about enabling drivers who speed to contribute financially to the community.

I live on a ‘rat run’ road that is full of families with children, and has cars parked on both sides. Cars regularly travel past at 40mph and more. It’s not just a safety issue, it also affects the quality of life of the residents.

Just north of us are roads where children can play safely in the street, where residents can talk to people over the road without being interrupted by speeding traffic.

Maybe we could satisfy the town parking protesters and the 20 is plenty lobby by having speed cameras on the most used roads and using the revenue to subsidise the town car parks.

If you want to speed you pay. Although, as a cyclist, I would prefer the money to be used on road maintenance and traffic calming.

M Clift

Pavilion Road


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